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Southern Cross Shipping Co., Inc. specializes in transporting your goods literally to the ends of the Earth. Those destinations which others find troublesome or inaccessible simply whet our appetite for solutions.

From the intricacies of the scheduling on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, including local cartage and delivery in the farthest reaches of Russia; to the Narrows of the South Pacific we are ready for your challenge. We gladly Serve, that is the ONLY reason you hire us.

Once, when faced with no scheduled service, we chartered a private yacht to deliver cargo to an island thought inaccessible in the South Pacific Ocean.

We accept your challenging destinations; we're up to the task!!


♦ Russia
♦ C.I.S./Eastern Europe
♦ Black Sea
♦ Balkans / Mediterranean Sea
♦ Near East
♦ Africa * * * The entire continent with unmatched Door delivery destinations! * * *
♦ Pacific Rim
♦ Oceania

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